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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 80HE00GKUS Convertible 13.3″ Touchscreen Laptop Specs Review

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 80HE00GKUS

Lately, Lenovo started to release some very interesting 2-in-1 laptops, with a slim design and top notch specs. One of their latest models, the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 80HE00GKUS, is no exception, proving that even smaller laptops can pack an impressive processing power. The specs sheet includes a Intel Core M-5Y71 processor, running at 1.2  GHZ, with the posibility of increasing ... Read More »

Download Best Top 4 Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone Tablet 2014

Download Greenify Android Apps

When your Android Smartphone seems not optimal because some of apps from certain sources can’t be installed perfectly to your Smartphone due to the lack of RAM space, hence! you perhaps need a rooted app for rooting your Android. It releases your Smartphone and make it runs as optimal as you wish. You have possibly rooted it for increasing your ... Read More »

Download Best Android Apps for Saving Battery Life 2014 Smartphone Tablet

Go Battery Saver and Power Widget Android Apps

One of problem on Smartphone is about the battery life. As we know that browsing becomes the most essential activity can’t be separated from you. Saving your battery life actually is easy. Instead keeping its healthy by doing right charge, you can also use some important Android apps for saving your battery life. Saving battery app work to stop any ... Read More »

Download Best Android Apps 2014 for Tablet in November December

HD Widget Android Apps

The use of tablet is extremely important, but you should know how to treat your tablet properly. Although the platform is similar with Android Smartphone, but some apps have to be had to optimize your tablet. There are some differences between Android tablet and Android Smartphone, especially in the term of application. Some apps for Android Smartphone can’t be run ... Read More »

Download Top 4 Best Fashion Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablet

Trendstop Fashion Trend Tracker Android Apps

Fashion now becomes the most important thing can’t be separated from human’s life, especially for women. By following up –to – date fashion, we can look trendy and so cool. Show off with new fashion is extremely important for most of the women, moreover if you are living life in the fast lane, of course you would get its consequences. ... Read More »

Download Top 4 Best Android Apps For Fitness 2014 Review for Tablet Smartphone


Health is extremely necessary, even some people regard that health is the most essential thing that can’t defeat other aspects around your life. Even health is more valuable than a money. Money can be sought, but the term of health, we never know when we will be sick, accident and hospitalized. So, keeping your health can be a prevention way ... Read More »

Download Review Top 4 Best Android Apps For Children 2014 Tablet Smartphone

Beck and Bo apps

When your toddlers can’t stop crying or make a noisy, they perhaps need an entertainment media that can make them calm. As we know that Android not only facilitates you with abundant games for adult but also education and entertaining term for children. You should not buy them a new toy or PSP, it would spend a lot of money ... Read More »