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5 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Gadget Freaks

If you are a gadget freak, you can agree there is nothing more gratifying than staying abreast with the latest and the next great invention out there. Unfortunately, it is,however, not so easy to do so especially now that tech world has come to an era where roll out of new gadgets is on an upward spiral. We can all agree – this breaks the hearts of many tech enthusiasts.  Well, all is not lost yet. With Instagram, you can rekindle and satisfy your craving to stay up to date with all your gadgets without much of a hustle. The secret is following Instagram accounts that brings you exactly what you need. If unsure where to start, don’t be worried, at Social10x, your problems will be swiftly sorted. While you are at it, let us check out 5 best Instagram accounts for gadget freaks.

Samsung Mobile 

Let’s face it, Samsung is a beast in gadget industry, and Samsung mobile Instagram page has everything you need as proof. If you are a gadget freak, you don’t have to think twice. At Samsung Mobile, spoil yourself with the newest and most sophisticated gadgets posts. Be part of a colossal following feeding on the best the world has to offer from wearable gadgets to drones, all thanks to Samsung Mobile account with its detailed and high-quality posts.

Cool Tech Gadgets

You will be overwhelmed by the number of gadgets posts cool tech gadgets has for you in a day. Look at this Instagram account as the home of all your tech needs. The massive following of over 293, 000 with over 2, 019 posts and fast-rising should give you a hint of both its popularity and the goodies this page has in store for you. Its posts are varied with stuff of all kind ranging from those that invoke your kid side to other sophisticated spy and hack guru gadgets. The options are limitless, and that is not all – visit this page and get treated to lots of review for your favorite gadgets as well. Just feel relaxed and browse through to stay ahead of the rest.


Once you visit this account, we can all agree – Intel is a top page to meet your gadget yearnings. It brings you the best of the best without omission of even the slighted details. Its reviews are simply impeccable, a reflection of everything a gadget nerd would wish for.  And the variety, utterly mind-boggling! They shock you with simple synthesizers and take you to another tech level with futuristic watches. It goes without saying that they top the list of the accounts you should be looking out for, and their following even speak more of this.   

Tech by Guff

There is no better Instagram account bring you the best there is when it comes to futuristic gadgets and tech. Think of this page as the ideal store for all your top gadget needs. It’s 294, 000 Instagram followers speak volumes of its trustworthiness and credibility in bringing you all the best gadget posts. Its 1,021 posts are all about the latest and the newest sophisticated devices in the market. Imagine wrapping your fingers around the working of a gadget that can arguably factory reset human brain! Super cool, right? You can learn about this and many other complex ones by following Tech by Guff.  In fact, this is where every gadget freak belongs. You don’t want to miss out on the best. Waste no time, get following this page.


If you are looking for a sassy Instagram account that blends tech with exciting reviews, you will not get it wrong with GadgetsFactory. It is a fast growing page, and all its spiking popularity comes down to bringing its following the latest gadgets ahead of everyone else. It is not a wonder each of its posts has recently recorded thousands of likes far beyond the expectations considering its following of 1,259. What this means is that the quality and realness of their posts is indisputable. A look at this page gives you the actual picture of their aggressiveness in bringing you the latest of the gadgets in the market from tablets, keyboards and cell phones among other cool ones. There is no debate this is where gadget freaks want their attention to be. Let nothing hold you back. Check them out and satisfy your gadgets yearnings.

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