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Best Tablets for Business

Christmas is around the corner and we’ve curated a list of the best tablets that you can buy your business or business partner. Get more bang for your buck when you do a bit of research before! Check out the list below.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4


This sleek and thin tablet allows you to use a kickstand on the back for efficiency like a laptop as well as a stylus to help you keep your screen clean. They’re perfect for property investment businesses on the go. Additionally, you can buy a keyboard separately to help you turn this into a laptop for variety. Microsoft also has a desktop dock that you can purchase separately to turn this into a full computer while keeping it a table for on-the-go situations. It features USB ports and SD card slots for full capabilities. This product runs on the newest version of Windows, Windows 10 and has the option of being a full desktop workstation if you switch between your office and home.

Apple iPad Air 2


There are many versions of iPad, but the newest and best, the iPad Air 2, runs on iOS 8 and is almost 10 full inches of tablet. Measuring in it 9.7 inches, the Air comes with many features including a fingerprint scanning mechanism. Much like the iPhone, only you will be able to get into your device by activating this feature. While the minis are cheaper, they are smaller. If your main computer at work or at home is a Mac, this will allow you to transfer files from home to work easier through the iCloud or even the Airdrop function. Features on this device include 4G LTE capabilities, longer battery life, the ability for fingerprint scanning and even a Thunderbolt port, like Macs. If you wish, you can buy a keyboard separately to help you transform this into a miniature retina display workstation.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2


Measuring in at .3 inches larger than the iPad air 2, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10-inch runs on an Android operating system. With a built in kickstand, it’s reminiscent of a Magic keyboard charger from Apple with its circular metal steel design. With Bluetooth capabilities for even longer typing sessions, you can run on one battery charge for up to 10 hours. You’re even offered split-screen multitasking on this device! There is a microSD slot within this.

Dell Venue 8 7000 Pro


Even though Dell is on the label, this operating system is actually an Android, much like the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. With a sleek and sharp design, the razor thin device has a long battery life and offers performance at top speeds. Much like the Surface Pro 4, you can buy a dock and keyboard separately to create a workstation in your home. When you do this, you can take your tablet to work and transform the ease of work in your life. No more USB drives crashing and failing, leaving you to halt work production when you purchase a tablet like this!

Asus Transformer Book T200


If you’re looking for something a little more reliable for work, you should seriously consider the variety of the Asus Transformer Book T200. It’s a laptop and a tablet in one with Microsoft office capabilities. Running on the Windows 8.1 platform, it’s one of the most inexpensive and best for the money 2 in 1 tablet. Unlike most, the keyboard is included with this and it even has an Ethernet port as well as a micro HDMI port!

Lenova yoga Tablet 10 HD+


Yes, this is on the list again, but this is an upgraded, high definition version! This version still runs on the Android operating system, but features 3 more hours of battery life on one charge as well as an HD display that can’t be beat. The versatile kickstand is featured with this one as well but the keyboard is not included, although can be purchased separately for full workstation capabilities.

In conclusion

There are a variety of tables besides a basic iPad tablet and there are many brands that are putting out reputable devices. For the holiday season, make sure you do research on each tablet for your business needs. All are keyboard friendly and some even allow you to turn into a full computer workstation. You can’t beat that for the price! If you’re looking for versatility and flexibility between home and work in this day and age, a tablet may be the best bet for you!

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