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Download Best Android Apps 2014 for Tablet in November December

The use of tablet is extremely important, but you should know how to treat your tablet properly. Although the platform is similar with Android Smartphone, but some apps have to be had to optimize your tablet. There are some differences between Android tablet and Android Smartphone, especially in the term of application. Some apps for Android Smartphone can’t be run smoothly in your tablet and vice versa. Even in some cases, an app you are transferring from Smartphone to tablet, the resolution is too small, as result, the app just runs in a half of tablet screen. It is important to choose the Best Android Apps 2014 for tablet that Smartphone have no.

Best Android Apps 2014 for tablet

Download Amazon Kindle Best Android Apps 2014 For Tablet

Amazon Kindle Android Apps 2014

Download Amazon Kindle Android Apps 2014

What is an Amazon Kindle? Aamzon Kindle is really suitable for those who like so much reading a book. Have an Amazon Kindle should be an obligation. It is even more economical than you buy an Amazon kindle book. This app consists from a lot of interesting features like back- lit displays that can be used to read a digital book in the dark place. Now reading a book through a tablet is not only spacious but also interesting. Beside that, you can also sync your Amazon Kindle account to app in your tablet. Grab it fast only at PlayStore, it is free.

Download Google Chrome Browser For Android Tablet

Download Google Chrome Browser Android Apps

Download Best Google Chrome Browser Android Apps 2014

The next Best Android Apps for tablet is Google Chrome. After being popular enough in PC, now Google aims to familiarize it to public through Android platform. It is a pre- installed browser that can run on Android as well as on PC. The performance even is not far different when installed on PC. Many feature are available i.e. translator features, gesture built in, voice search and so on. Although it offers many excellences, but be sure that the RAM storage of your tablet is at least 1 GB to optimize your browser.

Download HD Widget Android Apps 2014 for Tablet

HD Widget Android Apps

Download HD Widget Android Apps

Did you experience that your widget in your tablet is dull and not clear?. Yes, actually it is caused by resolution of the widget is not suitable to your tablet. Those dull widget perhaps can look so clear when is installed on your Android Smartphone but not for your tablet. So, you need a specific app named HD widget. This app helps users to maneuvering and make access easier. HD Widget consists from various widgets such as clock, weather till other toggles. This app is designed specifically for your tablet. Get this app only with $ 1.99.

Download Evernote Best Android Apps 2014 for Tablet

Download Evernote Android Apps

Download Best Evernote Android Apps

The last Best Android Apps for tablet is Evernote. You don’t need to doubt it because it is only notepad that is really suitable for gadget with extra big screen. It also supports multi- platform that makes users easier to sync this app to another device. Evernote works to note and save texts as offline, also support with a Cloud Storage feature. While for tablet version, Evernote looks more sophisticated with better user- interface.

Yeah, there are a lot of other Android applications available for Android tablet that you can download directly from Google Play Store or other Android Market. If you have other favorite apps, please let us know and we will add on this list. We hope that Best Android Apps 2014 for tablet above will give new idea for your next applications on your new tablet.

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