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Download Best Android Apps for Saving Battery Life 2014 Smartphone Tablet

One of problem on Smartphone is about the battery life. As we know that browsing becomes the most essential activity can’t be separated from you. Saving your battery life actually is easy. Instead keeping its healthy by doing right charge, you can also use some important Android apps for saving your battery life. Saving battery app work to stop any runned apps, reduce the brightness, remove vibrating etc to save your battery life. So what are they?. Here are top 4 best android apps for saving battery life on your Android smartphone and Android tablet.

Top 4 Best Android Apps for Saving Battery in 2014

Juice Defender Battery Saver Android Apps

Juice Defender Battery Saver for Android

Download Juice Defender Battery Saver Android Apps

The first best android apps for saving battery on your Android tablet and smartphone is Juice Defender Applications. It is a freeware app that can be downloaded at Play Store. In real, it is packed with seemingly endless choices, Juice Defender regards as the most recommended app for your Smartphone. The free client allows you to manage general connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data etc. Some multiple preset modes, like “balanced,” and “aggressive” allow for scheduling and toggling, choosing which apps able to keep screen on. Although Juice Defender includes as a free app but it also comes in Juice Defender Ultimate ($4.99) and Juice Defender Plus ($1.99) versions for more sophisticated performance.

Download Go Battery Saver and Power Widget For Android

Go Battery Saver and Power Widget Android Apps

Go Battery Saver and Power Widget Android Apps for Smartphone and Tablet

The next top android apps for saving your battery in this list is a Go battery Saver & Power Widget. This apps is designed by Go Dev Team. An easy- tap of the screen allows you toggle preset modes, make it easy and simple to go for relaxing to online gaming or reading. Custom experiences are available for those who don’t like with standard modes. Go Battery Saver is also completed with a Power Widget that helps you to keep an eye of your apps to know which one that are spending more battery than others. By knowing the score of your battery, this app can help you to determine what features to enable or disable for your battery’s life. You can tap and clean everything up and task on extra expected life. By doing this task, means that you will offer an extra hour or more.

Download Battery Tasker For Saving Battery Android Apps

Battery Tasker Android Apps

Download Battery Tasker Android Apps 2014

The next best android applications for saving your smartphone and android tablet’s battery named Battery Tasker Apps. It is the greatest app that offers more than task-killing. We think, it is the sophisticated app that will help you finding pleasure in automating your Android experience. By applying this app, an user is able to set the times for disabling of connections or sleeping. Instead the time, Battery Tasker Apps also provides other triggers like location, day; they are extremely useful for people with the schedules of set work.

Download AutoRun Manager for Saving the Android Battery

AutoRun Manager Android Apps

Download AutoRun Manager Android Apps

The most “risky” app on this list is Autorun Manager Battery Saver Android Applications. This battery saver Android apps allows you to determine which apps begin running when the Smartphone boots up. AutoRun Manager also comes in 2 modes: advanced and basic. This apps chosen in basic modes that work to be terminated soon when the phone boots. There is a free version of Autorun Manager which is supported by ads, although you should know that a Pro key is sold for $ 3.99.

There are a lot of another good android applications that designed for saving your smartphone or tablet’s battery. Some of them is available to download for free. But above we have chosen the best applications that will really helping you saving and increase your android battery life. So from some top android apps for saving your battery above, which one you would choose? Don’t forget to check also the Best Android Applications for Tablet in 2014 and Best Android Applications for Fitness.

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