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Download Best Top 4 Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone Tablet 2014

When your Android Smartphone seems not optimal because some of apps from certain sources can’t be installed perfectly to your Smartphone due to the lack of RAM space, hence! you perhaps need a rooted app for rooting your Android. It releases your Smartphone and make it runs as optimal as you wish. You have possibly rooted it for increasing your new phone’s battery and flashing a custom ROM. Here are some best top Android Apps for rooted smartphone and tablet to optimize your ROM and RAM space. Hope so helpful for you.

Best Top Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone and Tablet in 2014

Download Greenify Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone

Download Greenify Android Apps

Download Greenify Android Apps for Rooted

Greenify is the first top Android apps for rooted Smartphone. This is a recommended app that is extremely effective to improve the battery life of your Smartphone. This simple base app has the basic function is just to hibernate the background of your apps. Also, you will get an option to hibernate your apps selectively, so that you are able to select some apps to run as usual such as Whats App and Facebook. Therefore if don’t want to hibernate them, automatically the background apps are going to drain the precious of your battery, especially when they are not in use.

Download ROM Manager Android Apps

Download ROM Manager Android Apps

ROM Manager Android Apps for Rooted Phones

Instead Greenify, we also have the best applications for rooted Smartphone named ROM Manager. What is it?. This is a good for those who want to flash a new ROMs and  feel the new taste of your Android Smartphone. In addition, ROM Manager offers you the list of all well – known ROMs which are available for your Android device. It is also extremely effective to smooth your Smartphone’s performance. This app helps you to save many times for searching for the ROMs. If you are less satisfied with it, try a pro version, advanced features are available for you.

Download Trickster Mod for Rooted Android Device

Trickster Mod Android Apps for Rooted

Download Trickster Mod Android Apps

Trickster Mod also includes as an amazing Android apps to try!. Although overall its work system is not far different than other rooted apps, but there is one thing that make this seems different. The support of Trickster Mod and great interface beats it all. One of essential feature inside is an over- clocking. By having this, you are allowed to over- lock your Smartphone to make it free and fly like a butterfly. Also, there is an under- volt app that is used to improve the battery life and much more.

Download GL to SD Android Apps

Download GL to SD Android Apps

GL to SD Android Apps For Rooted Phones

Beside all above, you should also try an apps named GL to SD. If you feel that your internal memory in your Smartphone getting low, GL to SD is impressively to try. After you experienced problems installing big game, this android rooted apps allows you to install the bigger games. It saves you and brings back your pleasure. It is an amazing app that can run to transfer data from SD card to your internal memory that provides a new space for loading new games.

Yeah, there are still a lot of another Android applications that designed to increase the functionality of your Android smartphone or increase the battery life. Be sure you already know the risk, as well as the benefits for using rooted applications on your device. Some of the rooted applications is available to download in Play Store for free, but above we have chosen the best Top Android Apps for Rooted your Smartphone and Android tablet. So, from the some best android applications for rooted smartphone and tablet above, which one you will choose? Don’t forget to also check the best android applications to saving your battery.

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