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Download Review Top 4 Best Android Apps For Children 2014 Tablet Smartphone

When your toddlers can’t stop crying or make a noisy, they perhaps need an entertainment media that can make them calm. As we know that Android not only facilitates you with abundant games for adult but also education and entertaining term for children. You should not buy them a new toy or PSP, it would spend a lot of money and of course it will be useless. Make your Android Smartphone or tablet functions as two, as the communication media and also useful app for them, certainly brings more positive impacts for them. Here are Top 4 Best Android Apps For Children 2014 that we recommend for you all that you can download for free from Google Play store.

Toddler Kids Puzzles Puzzingo Android APK
Puzzle now is one of the best Childreen Android Apps that available in your Smartphone, it is in a digital version. Train their right brain to solve the puzzles and finish the picture of the puzzle. Toddler Kids Puzzles Puzzingo includes as the best puzzle game ever seen on Android. It is 100% free and you can download it through PlayStore. For those who have toddlers, they can play this puzzle to make them busy with its activity. In addition, this also trains to drag and place a letter, object and or number on the matching black shape while this is identified aloud. There are also 6 categories that are unlocked as kids go. They are farm animals, sea creatures, numbers, toys, alphabet and jungle animals. Completed with appropriate sound effects that makes this game so cheerful.

Toddler Kids Puzzles Puzzingo apps

Best Toddler Kids Puzzles Puzzingo apps

Peekaboo Barn Android Apps
Peekaboo barn is the next android apps for children 2014 you can get free from your PlayStore. This is an education game that allows your children or toddlers to know the type of animal names and their sounds. Make them be smart by knowing each the animal’s name without you teach them to know. Instead English, parents can also help them to learn about the name of each animal in different foreign languages like Spain, Indonesia etc. The language setting is available.

Peekaboo Barn apps

Peekaboo Barn Kids Apps

Download Alpha Tots Android App
Make them know and understand about the alphabets with this application. Alpha Tots App includes as the excellent tool for helping children learn the alphabet step by step. This application even is better than a poster or plastic puzzle sold in the toys store. It can be filled with creative and smart activities for them. Well, this app re- enforces letters with interactive medias which are extremely fun to do like assemble a building for the letter A or cutting strings for the letter B.

Alpha Tots apps

Alpha Tots Best Kids apps

Beck and Bo Andorid Apps

Beck and Bo apps

Beck and Bo Best Kids Apps

Beck and bo is the next recommended Android app for children. It is a smart and challenging adventure designed specifically for preschoolers and toddlers aim to make them ready to welcome schooling phases. The drop and drag feature and interface is easy to use. Have some objects which can easily fall into place if guided properly by yourself. We are sure that they will pleased discovering what they are able to make occur as they move Beck and Bo, objects animals etc around in each scene. We hope that Top 4 Best Android Apps For Children 2014 can inspire you all. You can also download the Android APK file and then install on your Android Smartphone and Android Tablet.

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