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Dragon Touch 7-Inch. Quad Core Android Kids Tablet Review

Children’s tablets are fast becoming a trend. They cross between a toy and mobile device, and the child can enjoy reading, gaming or watching film, just like you would on a regular tablet. Tablets for kids are pretty good way to educate a child, or to simply keep them quiet while you go about your daily chores! These devices can keep them busy for hours, or until their battery life lets you.

Key Features of the Dragon Touch

Because this is a children’s device, one fear is that your child can be accessing sites they shouldn’t be accessing. They’ve preinstalled Zoodles, so you are at ease when your child accesses the internet. Internet surfing can be as safe and kid-friendly as it could be and should be. Your child can access educational games, and the likes, and still be protected. The app also is capable of limiting the time your child spends on the tablet, especially if you worry that these devices makes children lose physical connection with other children. The unit gets 1 GB of RAM, so you don’t have a problem with multitasking. Your child won’t complain about the tablet slowing down when they need it at its fastest.

The tablet has dual cameras. Your child can take selfies, or take your picture when the need arises, or simply have fun recording videos. The camera allows your child to capture the world as he or she sees it. These photos and videos become very precious when they grow up.

Because the tablet is generally handled by kids, they have built in a silicone case in bright red, making the tablet both shock proof, and dust proof. You won’t worry if your kid has small hands, or underdeveloped motor skills, the tablet can take a few drops every now and then. The silicone case also provides a better grip.

The tablet runs on Android, and is suitable not only for kids’ use but also adults. You can’t go wrong with this tablet, use the regular apps you would normally use like facebook, instagram, twitter, et cetera… The unit is not limited to kid’s games and educational apps. The sound quality on this tablet is also very good. It is not loud enough to destroy your child’s still developing ears, but is loud enough to host a small kiddie party in your room. The unit is available with Android Kitkat when you get it.

8 GB usually doesn’t sound like a lot of memory for a tablet, but the unit has MicroSD and TF slot to expand the memory. If you’re one to download a lot of games, that shouldn’t be a problem. The screen is 7 inches, giving your child a good sized screen that is neither too small or too big. It id big enough for him or her to see everything on screen, yet is not to big, so as to allow the child to handle it firmly without  dropping the tablet.

Should You Buy It?

Now that you’ve seen the different basic features on this device, it would be easier to decide which device to provide your child, providing both entertainment and education at the same time keeping them within reach and protected from the ills of the internet. What’s best is the parenting aid you get with the Zoodles app, that of which I think is the best feature.

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