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Orbo Jr. 4GB Android 4.4 Wi-Fi Tablet PC Review

With the Orbo Jr. 4GB Android 4.4 Wi-Fi Tablet PC w/Beautiful 7″ Five-Point Multitouch Display – Special Kids Edition, your kids will be able to play and learn at the same time with this Android tablet that features a kid-proof design and more importantly, the age-appropriate apps: Orbo Jr. 7″ Android 4.1 Multi Touch Kids Tablet 4GB w/ Gel Case – in Blue color.

Price Guide:

This particular model costs around $60 and it generally comes with free shipping, meaning that the model does present value for money.

This nice children’s tablet from Orbo Jr. gives you the absolute most tablet you could get for this type of budget. It actually packs everything you could want from a tablet into a fun, and exciting not to mention, engaging package which accommodates within your bag and even in bigger pockets.

Your children would love the smooth feel and speedy response of its 7 inch capacitive touchscreen that efficiently supports all its touch-based interactions and that includes the pinch-to-zoom and finger scrolling of this Orbo Jr. 4GB Android device. Inside of it, the Android 4.4 delivers fun, games, entertainment, excitement, education, communication, and amazing productivity.

The model offers protection and all around colors; Available in an array of lovely colors to choose from, this Orbo Jr. tablet is wrapped in a soft silicone gel case which protects against the unavoidable mishaps such as drops, bumps, spills, and also some scratches. Nice corners also give extra impact protection where it is most necessary. With this sort of go-anywhere and anything goes kind of casing, your kid would find this tablet to provide continuous hours of fun, at home and even beyond. You could even download like hundreds and hundred of the educational and informative apps from the Google Play store which would support in your kid’s  learning of various subjects such as math, science, history, reading and so much more!

The model also includes many handy features, such as WiFi + dual cameras + more.

Connecting to your Wi-Fi network is very effortless, and you can even enjoy video conferencing and movie streaming even without an existing data plan. The dual cameras of this model allows your child to grab some still images, capture video, and connect with the kith and kin anywhere in the world they are. The Preinstalled apps include the most popular choices like those Netflix, Skype, Google Play, Chrome browser and so much more, whilst a microSD card slot provides memory expansion from 4GB up to 32GB. It is all powered by a strong, lightweight and more importantly, its rechargeable battery with its 2,800mAh capacity.

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What Customers Say:

“I expected a dumbed down tablet type system in a bulky hard case. What I got was a 7″ android tablet in a soft slip on silicon type cover. The tablet isn’t a “kids edition” type device. It is a fully functional WiFi tablet. It is up to the parent to put the kid apps on it. It has the Google play store like any Android phone or tablet. YouTube, internet explorer, user facing camera,email, and other basic tablet apps. The silicon case stays on the device very well and the buttons are easy to operate through the case. This device is great for anyone, not just a kid. For the price, you can’t beat it. My 3 & 7 yr old will be fighting over it for a while. It does get bogged down when trying to do a lot if tasks at once but so does my Samsung tablet. This seems to be a quality item, just be prepared to spend some time adding the kid friendly apps yourself when the item arrives.”  – by Jeremy Frost

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