Microsoft Surface Pro 3 PS2-00001 High-End 12″ Convertible Tablet Specs Review

microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review

On a market dominated by Android and iOS tablets, there’s still room for a Windows 8.1 device. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 PS2-00001 falls into a category of its own and, besides the top notch specs, it also features one of the best designs we’ve seen lately in a tablet. Add a keyboard and you can transform it into a versatile laptop, ... Read More »

HP Pro x2 612 G1 Stylish 12.5″ Convertible Tablet Specs Review

HP Pro x2 612 G1 specs review

One of the most interesting tablets we’ve seen lately is the HP Pro x2 612 G1, which, thanks to the keyboard dock, it can also work as a laptop. Besides this, it comes with a pretty serious specs sheet, so it can run Windows 8.1 64-bit and other apps with ease. Under the hood we can find a 4th Gen Intel ... Read More »

Dell Venue 10 7000 High-End 10.5″ Business Tablet Specs Review

dell venue 10 7000 specs review

Dell is one of those manufacturers well known for developing premium devices at correct prices and their latest addition to their portfolio, the Dell Venue 10 7000 is the perfect example. With an excellent display and a very impressive design, different from what we’re used to, it can be the perfect business tablet or a portable media center. Not to ... Read More »

Asus EeeBook X205TA Affordable 11.6″ Daily Laptop Specs Review

Asus EeeBook X205TA laptop review

There is a pretty big category of users which, when shopping for a new laptop, is looking for a device able to deal with some of the basic tasks, like browsing the web with ease or consuming some media. If it can perform these two tasks, it’s just perfect. The Asus EeeBook X205TA could be the perfect choice if you’re also ... Read More »

HP 15-G211DX Cheap 14.5″ Office Laptop Specs Review

HP 15-G211DX laptop review

From budget models to top notch devices especially made for gaming, HP is one of the biggest names when it comes to laptops. One of their latest additions to their portfolio, HP 15-G211DX, is aiming at users with a limited budget, who are looking for a laptop able to deal with all the basic tasks, perfect for using it at home or at ... Read More »

Acer Aspire R75725893 Stylish 15.6″ Convertible Laptop Specs Review

Acer Aspire R75725893 laptop specs

Nowadays, we’re used with seeing laptops with designs a bit different than the standards and the Acer Aspire R75725893 is the perfect example. At a first look, it looks like a normal laptop, except the order of the keyboard and the touchpad. Yes, they’re reversed, but everything is done with a purpose, like you will find out in a few moments. ... Read More »

Acer Iconia Tab 10 Affordable 10.1″ Daily Tablet Specs Review

acer iconia tab 10 tablet review

On a market dominated by tablets made by Samsung or the stock-Android Nexus models, a name like Acer Iconia Tab 10 doesn’t sound that impressive. Still, these guys, well-known for making some great laptops, proved that they know their thing when it comes to tablets too, by releasing an affordable tablet, with a more than decent spec sheet, perfect for ... Read More »

MSI GP70 Leopard Top Notch 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Specs Review

MSI GP70 Leopard laptop review

MSI doesn’t release laptops as often as other manufacturers, but when they do, they make sure it’s a very powerful model. The MSI GP70 Leopard is one of these models, packing enough processing power to run the latest games or programs with ease. Besides this, it sports a very aggressive look, just like every gaming machine should! Let’s find out ... Read More »