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Snugg™ Shock, Drop & Kid Proof Pink iPad Mini 1 / 2 / 3 / Retina Case Review

Review of the Snugg™ Shock, Drop & Kid Proof Pink iPad Mini 1 / 2 / 3 / Retina Case with Lifetime Guarantee:

Do you feel comfortable in giving your child or your baby your unprotected tablet device? What is the risk that it may be thrown just like a frisbee? Aha, and we thought so. So that is why the Snugg has manufactured and designed a shock, drop and most especially, kid proof iPad Mini case that will not let that happen ever!

The cases are finely made from nothing but the premium eco-friendly, non-toxic EVA foam which is an extremely long-lasting yet cushioned material. With features like these, the manufacturer suggest that they really make the product perfect for children’s use and offer peace of mind as a parent!

All of the ports, the buttons and especially the cameras are effortlessly accessible with the user-friendly design.

The iPad case for Kids also comes readily with the Snugg lifetime guarantee so you could buy with assurance and security that you are getting your money’s worth!

The Key Features:

– It is Shock-proof, drop-proof and most especially, kid-proof
– This retina case is durable but still cushioned
– This the Snugg™ Shock, Drop & Kid Proof Pink iPad Mini 1 / 2 / 3 / Retina Case with Lifetime Guarantee is most Suitable for iPad Mini / 2 / 3 / Retina
– The user gets to enjoy full access to its ports, its buttons and most especially, its cameras
– It consists of Eco-friendly, non-toxic EVA material, so you can guarantee of its safety

So why buy from the Snugg company?

– The Snugg has been featured on trusted technology sites like the Macworld and GQ.
– They are a reputable and trusted brand widely used by Google, Coca Cola, Range Rover and many others.

The iPad Size Guide for the user:

1) First, turn your iPad over
2) On its back side, near the bottom, the Model Number will be printed in small letters
3) Try to reference the model numbers below in order to determine the version of your iPad.

The iPad 1: A1219 or A1337
The iPad 2: A1395, A1396, or A1397
The iPad 3: A1416, A1430, or A1403
The iPad 4: A1458, A1459, or A1460
The iPad Mini: A1432, A1454, or A1455
The iPad Air: A1474 or A1475
The iPad Air 2: A1566 or A1567
The iPad Mini with Retina: A1490
The iPad Mini 3: A1599 or A1600

The Price of the the Snugg™ Shock, Drop & Kid Proof Retina Case

This costs around $25 and it often comes with free shipping if your orders reach above $35 on popular online shopping websites.

What the customers say about the product:

“Converts ipad to throwable frisbee disc.”

“My 2yo toddler routinely spikes my ipad into the hardwood floor like he just scored a touchdown. If that wasn’t enough his method of getting off a chair is to frisbee the ipad onto the hardwood floor nonchalantly so he doesn’t have to hold it while he traverses off himself. Like a typical toddler, I’ve told him many times to find his moms ipad to throw, but alas he is partial to the sound mine makes when it bounces off of tile. This case literally protects the device as a sort of soft walled thunderdome. And although I can’t see the screen through a haze of smeared lunch items and pretzel crumbs, I can tell it’s not cracked or scratched due to the heisman hopeful doing the Icky shuffle with it.” – by Jason P. Kelly

“Recommend this for kids”

“After buying one of these and a different silicone cover I returned the silicone one and ordered a second of this one! If you are truly wanting a drop proof protecter for kids this is what you want! It does make the devise bigger but kids can hold the handles which keeps hands off if the screen so they are not accidentally pushing wrong “buttons”. Recommend this for kids!” – by Sarah K

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