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What is The Best 7 Inch Tablet Under $200

best 7 inch tablet under $200

Modern-day communication revolves around smartphones and tablets nowadays. Tablets allow people to check emails, connect to social media, and even play games. With the right apps, tablets can also double as texting devices that let users send SMS to other table users that use the same mobile applications. As modern devices, tablets tend to be expensive and keep consumers from ... Read More »

Best 10 Inch Tablet Under $300

What is the best value tablet under $300

If you are looking for 10 inch screen size tablets and your budget is just below $300, then this is the perfect article for you. For today, we give you the top quality 10 inch tablets for just under 300 dollars. The Microsoft Surface 7ZR-00001 RT Tablet 64G With a price tag of only $289.98, this Microsoft Surface 7ZR-00001 RT ... Read More »