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Dell Inspiron I57594129BLK Daily 17.3″ Office Laptop Specs Review

Dell Inspiron I57594129BLK laptop specs-review

If your daily office work requires a laptop, then you need one with a big display, like the Dell Inspiron I57594129BLK, as it’s easier to view and edit documents or files. Add a decent mid-range spec sheet and you have the perfect office laptop, which, depending on your tasks, can deal even with the most demanding ones and, why not use ... Read More »

Dell Inspiron I30005099SLV Affordable 11.6″ Touch Screen Laptop Specs Review

Dell Inspiron I30005099SLV laptop review

If you can’t decide upon a tablet or a laptop, you should definitely choose the middle way: a convertible laptop. A great example of a very well built device, with decent specs and sporting a pocket-friendly price is the Dell Inspiron I30005099SLV, perfect for using for your office tasks, like editing documents or more and consuming media and browsing the Web. ... Read More »

Dell Vostro 3558 Daily 15.6″ Office Laptop Specs Review

Dell Vostro 3558 laptop review

Dell has always made great laptops, considered by many some of the best models on the market. No matter if you need a model for a beginner, for daily use, office tasks or even for gaming, the have what you need. Today we’re focusing on a mid-range model, perfect for those who work a lot online: Dell Vostro 3558, a ... Read More »

Dell XPS 9343-8182SLV Business 13.3″ Touch Screen Laptop Specs Review

Dell XPS 9343-8182SLV laptop review

When it comes to premium laptops, there are a couple of manufacturers that are well known for having a special lineup, like Dell’s XPS, for example. One of the latest additions to this lineup is the Dell XPS 9343-8182SLV, a business model dedicated to those who travel a lot but need a powerful device, compact enough so it can be carried ... Read More »

Dell Inspiron I73486429SLV Compact 13.3″ Touch Screen Laptop Specs Review

Dell Inspiron I73486429SLV laptop review

The Dell Inspiron I73486429SLV, one of the latest additions to the manufacturer’s portfolio, proves once again that these guys can make some great looking devices and still keep a reliable price tag. Of course, the first things about this laptop that catch anybody’s attention is the touchscreen display and the special hinge system. You can use it in four different modes: ... Read More »

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 15.6-Inch HD Laptop Specs Review

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series I5558-2571BLK laptop review

Most people think that if you want to buy a powerful laptop, you need to spend a fortune on it. That’s partially true, if you ask us. High-end laptops can be expensive, but on the other side, there are models like the Dell Inspiron 5000 Series I5558-2571BLK , available at a pocket-friendly price and sporting impressive specs. After all, you can’t ... Read More »

Dell Inspiron I7558-2510BLK Convertible 15.6″ Mid-Range Laptop Specs Review

Dell Inspiron I7558 2510BLK laptop review

It’s true, everybody loves their laptop to be as powerful as possible, but let’s not forget that more power implies a higher price. Still, if you want a configuration able to deal with demanding tasks, you don’t necessary need to buy a gaming laptop, as a mid-range model, like the Dell Inspiron I7558-2510BLK, will also satisfy your needs. Not to mention ... Read More »

Dell Inspiron I7558-4010BLK Powerful 15.6″ Convertible Laptop Specs Review

Lately, a lot of manufactures are using touchscreen panels for their laptops, but let’s be honest, how many of you are actually using this feature? Fortunately, there are convertible models, like the Dell Inspiron I7558-4010BLK, with a special hinge system, allowing you to flip the screen up to 360 degrees, in order to use it as a tablet. The laptop is ... Read More »