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TECLAST P85s mini Very Affordable Quad Core Tablet Specs Review

TECLAST P85s mini review

One of the best Chinese tablet maker, Teclast reportedly has extending their budget friendly tale line up with TECLAST P85s mini 7.9 inch tablet. Yeah, like common Chinese based tablet on its class, the P85s mini from Teclast is not designed for tech savvy, business and professional users. But if you are on the market for inexpensive Android tablet and ... Read More »

Pipo U9T Ultra 3G Tablet with 7 inch Retina Display Specs Review

Pipo U9T Review

Are you know Pipo company? Yeah, might be you are not familiar with this Chinese Electronic company, but if you are on the market for a 7 inch Full Retina tablet and the 3G connection is one of your big concern, we thing you should consider to buying their latest Android tablet series, named Pipo U9T 3G Ultra tablet. Yeah, ... Read More »

PIPO U3T Ultra 3G Budget Tablet with Phone Call Specs Review

PIPO U3T review

One of the Chinese based tablet company, PIPO has officially release a new 3G tablet that designed for a budget tablet shoppers with PIPO U3T tablet. Like common Chinese based tablet on the market, the U3T 7 inch tablet comes with a really affordable price and some interesting features, great choice for a conscious costumers and provides great value for ... Read More »

FNF ifive 2S Very Affordable 9.7 inch Retina Tablet Specs Review

FNF ifive 2S review

Are you planning to buy new Retina tablet but did not has much budget? If you think the Retina tablet is out range of your budget, you are wrong. Yeah, there are many Retina budget friendly tablet that designed for a table shoppers who on the tight budget. Most of them comes from Chinese based company. If you are not ... Read More »

CHUWI V88HD Stylish Affordable Tablet with RK3188 Specs Review

CHUWI V88HD Tablet

CHUWI, the Electronic tablet company that based on the China reportedly has expands their Android tablet line up with CHUWI V88HD tablet. Yeah, as a Cortex A9 device, the V88D tablet is not designed for a tech savvy who need a powerful device for multimedia and games. But with RK3188 quad core processor from Rockchip company as the heart, the ... Read More »

Pipo U8T Ultra 3G sub-$150 Tablet with 7.9 inch Display Specs Review

Pipo U8T Ultra review

PiPo is not well known brand but for budget conscious costumers who need a reliable tablet for daily use, they have lots of good products that you should consider to buying. One of the latest PiPo budget friendly tablet, named as Pipo Ultra U8T 3G tablet has released in the market and ready for order. Yeah, like common Chinese based ... Read More »

PiPo M8HD 3G 10.1 inch Tablet with Full HD Display Specs Review

PiPo M8HD 3G tablet

PIPO, one of the most popular Chinese tablet company has expanded their 3G Android tablet line up with PiPo M8HD 3G. Like common Chinese tablet on its price, the M8HD 3G tablet also comes with latest hardware configuration from Rockchip company and latest Android OS that designed to gives ultimate multimedia and entertainment experience for teens and home user. Read More »