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Tagital® 7″ T7K Quad Core Android Kids Tablet Review

Looking for the right tablet for a child to use? Parents are especially scared of the fact that the internet is not a safe place for children, or that the tablet can turn your very active playful, sociable child into a recluse. And these are valid fears. The thing is, there are ways you can now monitor your child’s use of the internet on any tablet. With that fear done with, you now address other concerns.

You want a tablet your child can hold, not too big for their small hands, not too small that they get tired of it. Some children aren’t patient, and you need a tablet that runs faster than anything else. They also have a tendency to run more than one thing at a time, so you need that speed and memory capacity to multitask with ease. Children will take pictures, and a tablet with front and back cameras will definitely satisfy their early creative undertakings. Should your child drop the device, make sure the tablet is shock-proof and well insulated.

The great thing as well is that apart from being kid-friendly, this product is something you and your child can share. Pre-installed with Zoodles, you can moderate the child’s use.  With Zoodles, you have parental control over your child’s experience on the internet, limit their use of the device and have access to games they could learn from. You can rest easy that your child is safely surfing away.

At 7 inches, the screen is the right size to view things from a child’s perspective. Not too big to handle for smaller hands, and is pretty much durable, thanks to the silicone casing it comes with. Children can drop the device or possibly bump it a couple of times, and the soft silicone casing will protect it from shock. The casing itself is child-safe as well, and is pleasant to grip.

The tablet uses an ARM A33 Cortex-A& quad core processor, which gives the tablet amazing speed for multitasking. This product runs on Android, and is pretty much a regular tablet, capable of facebook, twitter, skype, and the likes. It comes with 8GB of internal storage, but has a slot for a micro SD card capable of expanding the memory up to 32GB. This unit comes in pink, perfect for a little girl with lots of imagination.

The battery lasts approximately 5 hours, which is more time you’d want your child to spend online, anyway, and with the Kitkat OS, runs voice control over google searches. People have rated the tablet very generously, and seem to be happy with their purchase of it.

Of course, the apps are only as good as when you download them, and at 8GB, you need to choose the type of app you want to fit in that memory range. Thats where the micro SD slot comes into play. Some games are already pre-installed and are ready to use upon purchase of the tablet.

This is a great tool for learning and entertainment, especially if you’re taking care of children and still have chores to do around them. It keeps them quiet for hours while you divert your attention to other things, like cleaning, or washing the dishes. That’s another thing, there is no other toy to clean. No blocks you need to stay clear off, no squeaky toys lying around… it’s just a child with a tablet. Keep your child occupied with this device, knowing that Zoodles protects over what your child views.

You can google more about Zoodles and its features, and how you can configure your child’s profile on it, like things they can access.

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